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Congratulations To The World Champion

Boston Red Sox!

Editors note: As I watched game 4 with my son Louie, I tried to explain how lucky he was to experience the Red Sox winning the World Series. He only had to wait 9 years. I have waited 47. I told him that I wished my father was here to watch the game with us. His "Grumpy" would have liked to have seen this great moment. I couldn't help but think of Sherm through out the playoff's and the series. I visited him in the booth during the 86 series. He had a pocket full of tickets for the next day's game, and another pocketful of money from the sales of that days game. No doubt Sherm could have made a few bucks this year. Even if the Red Sox don't win another World Series in my lifetime, I'll always remember the night my son and I stayed up long past his bedtime to watch them win this one. Thanks Louie. You and The Boston Red Sox made my night. Enjoy it Sox Fans. Cherish the memories.    

Have you heard "Tessie" by The Dropkick Murphy's ? I Truly Beleive Sherm Would Have Loved The Story Of This Great Song. All Benefits From Sales of "Tessie" Benefit The Boston Red Sox Foundation

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