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Lou Gorman talks about Sherm
"Please Rise"   Sherm singing "Secret"
Sherm's radio theme "Mr Pogo"   Sherm singing "Come back to me"
Sherm and The Baker Sisters

Sherm at Fenway Park

Sherm's birthday party. Can you identify anyone in this picture?
"Francesca" written by Sherm Feller
Sherm threw a fundraiser for Joe Moakley. L to R Kurt Carberry , Gary Titus, Senator Joseph Moakley, and Sherm Feller
L to R Gary Titus, Sherm Feller, Dick Raditz, Unknown, Dr. Bill




The two items below were sent by Chaz Healy. From left to right, Chaz's father Attorney Dan Healy, Congressman Joe Moakley, Former Red Sox Ken Harrellson, and Sherm. The event was a roast for Sherm.


Summertime Summertime - The Jamies

Photo's courtesy of Goldmine Magazine