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Sherm Feller was inducted into The Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame on September 15th, 2011.
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"Attention Please,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and  Girls"

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"A Boston Sports Legend"

A Voice You just Can't Forget

Photo Courtesy of The Nourses, Canton, MA

July 29, 1918 - January 27, 1994

Dear Red Sox Fans,

 Sherm Feller, the greatest ballpark announcer in Red Sox history passed away twenty years ago. Sherm’s famous “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Fenway Park” is still used on TV , radio, and even at The MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Sherm’s induction into The Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame is long overdue. 

Please visit and read the many memories that people have written and consider doing the same. You can also visit the Sherm Feller group on Facebook. Keeping Sherm Feller’s memory alive is a labor of love for me and a few of my close friends. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Go Sox!

Carl Beane
September 18, 1952 – May 9, 2012
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Boston Red Sox Booth Announcer Carl Beane

Read WBZ's Dan Roche's moving tribute

Carl was Sherm's biggest fan
(Note: I did not know Carl Bean until I got this very touching e-mail from him through this website. 
Carl, I will be forever grateful for your support. GT)

"I'll never fill his shoes, but I do get to sit in his chair"

Carl Beane and The World Series Trophy

I just discovered this fabulous website. A very dear friend told me about this and after reading through it, I felt I had to write. I have covered the Red Sox as a radio reporter for 27 years and along the way got to know the wonderful voice I heard as a child when my late father would take my two younger brothers and me on the bus from Springfield, Ma to Fenway Park.

When I was a child I told everybody that someday I would be a Red Sox announcer. I loved listening to Sherm, then would have a laugh after every ballgame when Sherm would sit in the media room and tell those wonderful stories in that one of a kind voice. He became a great friend and in a way a mentor to me due to his involvement in radio and as the Voice of Fenway Park. In 2003, my dream came true. I now occupy that position as the P. A. announcer at Fenway. Every game, I pay tribute to Sherm. I tap his picture just outside the booth and ask him to get me through another game. I use the same greeting he did because it was and is perfect.

I always say to anyone who asks about the job, that "I'll never fill his shoes, but I do get to sit in his chair". Bob Sheppard, the long time voice of Yankee Stadium, was a good friend of Sherm's and over the years has shared stories about him with me. Mr. Sheppard had a great deal of respect for him, as do I.

I agree that Sherm should be honored in a special way, and I intend this summer to offer his name for induction into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. He deserves it and it is the right thing to do. I have already spoken to some of the Red Sox executives about this, so it will be brought up at the proper time. I hope it happens. Sherm Feller was and will always be the "Voice of Fenway Park". He was my friend, and ironically, he died 4 years to the day that my dad passed away. I miss them both very much.

Respectfully submitted,
Carl Beane

Help get Sherm Feller into
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Please contact any Red Sox broadcasters, Red Sox executives, past and present media personnel, and representatives from The Sports Museum of New England and The BoSox Club. Ask them to induct Sherm Feller into The Boston Red Sox Hall of fame. Please be brief and respectful.

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This web site is dedicated to the memory of Sherm Feller, Boston Red Sox PA announcer for 26 years. He also wore many other hats. Sherm was a Boston Radio personality, and a music lover who wrote and produced pop songs like "Summertime Summertime", standards like "Snow Snow Beautiful Snow", and a moving Orchestral suite called "Ode To JFK". Sherm was a friend to all, and this is where some of his friends will help preserve his memory for generations to come.

I would like to thank Columnist Beverly Beckham for getting the ball rolling with her article "Sox Should Remember Sherm". Since this is a work in progress, everyone is welcome to contribute a personal story, a picture, or even an article about Sherm. Send your stories and comments to Thanks in advance for any and all contributions.

Please Take some time to look at, and contribute to the letters page now.


New England Sports Museum Curator 
Richard Johnson on Sherm Feller


Composer/Announcer/Raconteur Sherm Feller, who die...d on this date 18 years ago, would have appreciated the fact he passed on Mozart's 248th birthday.

Speaking of Mozart we've been fortunate to have witnessed the Mozartian talents of this small handful of athletes. Here is my small list. Just one man's opinion, who would you choose?

*Babe Ruth. The best left-handed pitcher in the American League was also the best hitter. YES.
*Ted Williams. A soloist like Heifetz, Hendrix, Miles.....
*Bill Russell Tom Meschery described him in a poem as an eagle....
*Bobby Orr Impossible to aptly had to be there...
*Joan Benoit Samuelson Her 1984 Olympic marathon was run as a solo journey into un-explored territory...


To many Sherm Feller wasn’t just the public address announce at Fenway Park. To many he was simply the voice of Boston. His greeting of “Ladies and gentlemen, (long pause) boys and girls..(longer pause) Welcome to Fenway Park was as much a part of the New England experience as Durgin Park's trademark Indian pudding , Mike’s cannolis, or rush hour traffic on the expressway

Boston was and is a city of famous voices. It was home to the distinctive lilt of Julia Child, the witty inflection of JFK, the raspy brilliance of Johnny Most, the widely imitated delivery of Kevin White, and the list..well. goes on with the likes of Fred Allen, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Bob Wilson Fred Cusick, and Mike Wallace to name just a few of the more famous characters who’ve made a living with their vocal chords. And yet with all their fame and notoriety it was Feller who topped them all with the understated baritone and quirky timing that marked his 25 year tenure at Fenway Park.

The Roxbury native was a Boston original who was also a noted composer of both classical and pop music with such standards as Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow“, (Fred Waring Orchestra), “It’s Easter Time” (Vaughn Monroe) and the classic Summertime, Summertime”(Jay and The Jamies ) to his credit. The Fenway gig was one of the many jobs held by the former radio talk show host, milkman, and disk jockey. When he started in 1967 the position paid just twelve dollars per game. In a story recounted in his Boston Globe obituary his sister recalled pointing out to him that the round trip cab fare from his home in Milton was costing him two dollars per game to which he replied, “But I see the games for nothing, It’s great.”

The Red Sox preserve his memory with a recording of his stentorian ballpark welcome as a fixture on their website and for fans above the age of 40 a Sherm impression remains nothing less than a necessary rite of fandom.
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By: Richard Johnson

(Editors note: Richard Johnson new book "Field of Our Fathers" An Illustrated History of Fenway Park includes another touching tribute to Sherm Feller. I am thrilled to own a copy. Get yours today. Thank you Richard.)

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The Letters Page

From Mike Dean:

Reading about Bob Sheppard's passing away reminded me of Sherm Feller and his distinctive style, which I enjoyed hearing a lot (sometimes, in my baseball PA work, I will try to use that style).

So, since I never sent the Red Sox organization a note of appreciation for Sherm's work, I hope to partially rectify that with this note.
Mike Dean


From Kenneth Barr:


I am writing to ask that Sherm Feller be inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame.  As a New York citizen of the nation, I know the value of an iconic Public Address announcer.  Both Bob Sheppard (Yankee and Giants Stadium) and John Condon (Madison Square Garden) are honored for their legendary work at their respective venues.  PA announcers may mean more in baseball than in any other sport, as their player announcements are official and no player may take the field without an announcement.  In today's world of cheerleader PAers, Mr. Feller stands out for his clear, concise method with a unique personality.  Watching Sox games, (I didn't see my first game at Fenway until 1994), I got a real kick out of his, "#27, Carlton Fisk, Catcher Fisk." as an example of his one of a kind style.

As Bob Sheppard is known as the voice of Yankee Stadium, Sherm is the unforgettable voice of Fenway Park.  Please honor him in the manner he deserves with induction into the red Sox Hall of Fame.


Kenneth Barr


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R.I.P. Dick Bresciani

Dick had a long career with The Boston Red Sox starting as Public Relations Director in June of 1984 and was the Vice President of Publications and Archives until his passing on 11/29/14.

Rest in Peace Lou Gorman (1929-2011)

"The sun will rise, the sun will set, and I’ll have lunch." -- 1987, Red Sox GM Lou Gorman when asked what might happen if he didn't reach a contract agreement with the great Roger Clemens

(Editors note: Lou Gorman was a kind a gentle man. He was extremely warm and genuine any time I met him. He was also the first person from The Boston Red Sox organization to offer a quote for this website. Thank you Lou) 

Remembering Fenway Park

To Harvey Frommer - Thanks for including Sherm Feller in your book, and the mention on page 21 "Gary Titus is webmaster for and a rabid Red Sox fan". There is also a quote from me about Sherm on page 157. I am honored to be a small part of this great book. 

(Harvey Frommer's "Remembering Fenway Park" is available at

Bob Sheppard passes away at age 99

Legendary Yankees Ballpark Announcer Bob Sheppard passed away today (July 11th, 2010) at 99 years old. He and "Sherman" (as Bob called him) were very good friends. RIP Bob, please say hello to our old pal.


Thanks Jordan Rich

I spent a very enjoyable two hours with Jordan Rich on WBZ (1030 am) recently. If you were listening or called in to share a story about Sherm, Thanks! GT

Click here to listen to hour 1     Click Here to listen to hour 2

Click here to hear Sherm Feller & John Kiley "On The Air" at WROL

Courtesy of Ken Carberry - Circa 1975


Sherm Feller Passed Away on  01/27/94
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